Brand Spotlight: AEON Hookah

One of our favourite brands in Canada is AEON Hookahs. Of course, they aren’t from Canada, but we do offer their products here. In fact, this company originally hails from Germany, where they put the stereotypical industriousness and attention to detail of the Fatherland’s people to good use. 

On what trade do they ply their talents and skills? Crafting beautiful hookah pipes for sale, of course. They offer two distinct lines to choose from, but these are chock-full of high-quality accents, replacements and other features to make them unique and eye-catching for all tastes. But what are these two lines, and what separates them?

What Is the AEON Hookah Line? 

Available in four sizes, the AEON hookahs in Canada share a similar vase design. It has subtle curves that accentuate its shape, and its stock version is lined with burnished metal components that impart a sleek and sophisticated look. This is probably more than appearances, though, as they are known for industry-defining features, like inverted smoke columns. 

What Is the VYRO Hookah Line?

The VYRO line offers many different designs and sizes for their spin on AEON hookahs in Canada. From a sit-down lounge experience to a daily rig for travel and impromptu use, this line offers everyone an opportunity to enjoy their vaping experience. They also bring their signature quality to the line with a huge range of replaceable parts in a diverse set of styles, colours and sizes. 

Find Your Aeon Hookah in Canada Today

With such impressive hookah lines available, it’s no wonder that people enjoy the AEON brand so much. But to truly enjoy the experience, it must be shared. Get your hookah today and see what makes German engineering such a truly unrivalled experience. 

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