Brand Spotlight: SMOKAH Hookah

Brand Spotlight: SMOKAH Hookah

Hookah is an age-old pastime dating back to the Ottoman Empire of the 16th century. Generally, hookah is smoked by more than one person at a time, making it ideal for socializing. Smoking out of old coconut shells and gourds was not the most efficient means of smoking, however, so hookahs evolved into the magnificent designs of today.

SMOKAH is one of the brands at the forefront of modern hookah technology, creating some of today's best-selling and highest-quality smoking implements at affordable prices. SMOKAH was started by two friends who dreamt of creating high-end hookahs that everyone could afford without sacrificing quality. While maintaining its goal to provide top-level products for an affordable price, SMOKAH has expanded its product line from just hookahs into vaporizers as well! We'll touch on those in another article.

The Benefits of SMOKAH Hookah

Today we're going to go over why you should own a SMOKAH hookah and how they stack up against other brands!

The main thing about owning a way to smoke is fun. If you're an experienced smoker, you will be able to tell when your hookah is not up to par with the rest of them.

Let's start by reviewing the most popular style of the hookah - Egyptian hookahs! These are known for their simplistic designs and thick clouds of smoke. The Egyptian design was created in Northern Africa, but SMOKAH brought this design to America to give everyone access to this beautiful art form.

Their classic KM line takes traditional Egyptian designs and adds modern touches like ice catchers, wide-gauge hoses, Vortex Bowls, detachable down-stems, and wider bases. The wide-gauge hose allows for easier pulls because more air can flow through the hose. Additionally, the Vortex Bowl and wider base allow more shisha to be used at once, which means longer smoking sessions!


Should you Buy Hookah Products Online or In-Person?

Online purchase of hookah can go either way, but online gives you a wider reach, to get a unique style of hookah. The next style of hookah is known for its long stems and sleek design. These are typically made in China and can be found at many head shops like Headies Smoke Shop. Chinese designed hookahs tend to produce smaller clouds of smoke than Egyptian designs, but they're perfect for using with foil containers because of their sturdy construction.

SMOKAH's Chinese design takes the same glass blowing techniques from glass bongs and applies them to their entire stem, making them sturdier than ever before. While all SMOKAH's hookahs are hand-blown in China, the large variety of colours means you can get the perfect one for your style.

SMOKAH has done away with the traditional Chinese hose port and instead created a detachable down-stem so you can use whatever hose fits your style! Additionally, they sell an ash catcher that attaches to the bottom of any of their hookahs for easy cleaning.

The last major category of hookah is known as Syrian or Khalil Mamoon. These are traditionally decorated with intricate designs that create beautiful works of art. Syrian hookahs typically come with clay bowls which means you can't put foil on them like SMOKAH's Shika line, but sometimes these bowls are what make Syrian hookahs unique! 



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