Comparing Your Favourite Hookah Styles: Part 1

Three Comparisons, Six Awesome Options


Buying Vintage Vs Modern Hookahs Online

Vintage hookahs carry a mystique and appeal that harkens back to earlier, simpler times. Made from simple components and carrying no embellishments or additional technology makes them widely adored, and for good reason. They are a solid choice for classic and antique lovers.

Modern hookahs have a lot of appeal for the younger generation since they carry all the upgrades and improvements that have come to the shisha industry. Compact designs, new world components and customization are all core to the modern smoke experience, and, as a result, they appeal to the cutting edge and technology lovers out there. 

Buying Double Pipes Vs Glass Hookahs Online

Double pipe hookahs make sharing with friends and family a breeze, as they have additional hoses for smoking. We carry high quality stock that does away with the common sealing issues of these hookahs, which makes them great for bringing to social gatherings and enjoying all night long.

Glass hookahs have versatility and classic appeal at their heart. They may be a little more delicate than metal or wooden options, but the tempered glass and weightiness of their design makes these minor issues in most situations. Plus, it’s hard not to see the appeal in the see-through and sleek designs.

Buying Turkish Vs Russian Hookahs Online

While they may be hard to find outside the country, Russian hookahs are well worth the hunt. They are innovative, new and full of the bells and whistles you’d expect to find in a modern hookah. However, they still maintain the traditional values of quality and exceptional craftsmanship. 

Turkish hookahs are where smoking shisha got its start and they deserve the reverence that comes with being the first. Handmade, durable and traditional, these hookahs are the most interesting of all options, as they combine tradition with modern sensibilities. 

Choose Your Favourite Today

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