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For a truly bold flavour that takes no shortcuts, buy nicotine salt e-liquid. These products deliver a truly bold flavour that enhances the vaping experience for casual and experienced vapers alike. Plus, they are easy to use and address many of the common problems people face with traditional vaping products. As the perfect addition to low-wattage devices, nicotine salt vape juice helps elevate every part of your vaping experience. Shop our selection of fabulous options below to find your new favourite. 

What are the benefits of nicotine salt vape juice?

Nicotine salt e-liquid is smoother at higher concentrations and absorbs into the bloodstream faster than freebase nicotine products. Basically, it is a more intense version in every way, mimicking the feel of a cigarette much better than traditional vape products. Additionally, the packaging can differ from nicotine salt vape juice in that it comes in a cartridge that is easy to replace. You will also notice a more enjoyable experience overall, with less of a bite and smoother pulls generally. These benefits do require low-wattage devices to be effective and safe, however.

Nicotine salt vs. regular e-liquid

Nicotine salt vape juice differs from e-liquids in that it does not use the freebase form of nicotine. You see, nicotine is naturally occurring as a salt, and it is only through the introduction of ammonia that the chemical process to make it a liquid occurs. While this was commonly done in cigarettes to increase the nicotine concentration, decrease the tar and product per unit, and augment the flavour, recent innovations have made the original product (treated with benzoic acid instead) a more powerful and robust option in reusable and disposable vapes.

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